Hygiene/Vent & Duct Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

innovatefm’s deep cleaning services have been designed to help your organisation meet Government legislative regulations and Health, Safety and Hygiene Standards (Particularly the “Fire Safety Order 2005”).

This is similar to the Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulations but applies more to premises activities and people. Assessments of risks from fire in your ducting will be an essential part of the appraisal. It is imperative you have a structured cleaning programme in place for your protection.

Diverse & Wide Ranging Client Base

innovatefm are committed to offering our customers a high level of service with the specific intention of meeting the needs of their organisation.

Delivering a flexible and responsible service, we keep within financial consumer restraints. innovatefm also work out of hours so our customers can continue their work with minimum disruption.

Our sustainable and customer centric approach to the changing environment and our commitment to constructive working relationships ensures an efficient and effective delivery of service and most importantly value for money.

Our client base is wide ranging and extends to both private and public sector organisations.

Our Team – Go Beyond Clean

Our skilled workforce maintain technical excellence and have many years experience of the industry.

They are fully conversant working at high-level, in confined spaces and are trained in chemical handling.

Team members are structured to form a coherent and efficient group, thus providing a strong professional effort to the core activities of any contract.

We ensure tat the methodology used is technically sound, realistic and dynamic in terms of time-scale and cost; this is based on firm judgement and a profound knowledge of the industry and the job as a whole.