Security Services

innovatefm’s Security Services understands that you have commercial security services needs and financial parameters, and we aim to meet your security objectives by developing tailor-made security solutions. Our custom-managed security services stem from an understanding of your corporate culture, allowing you to focus on your business, free from security concerns.

At innovatefm we recognise that every market and institution has its own unique security needs, so we customise our commercial services to meet your specific security objectives. With our array of custom-managed security services, and our extensive size and experience, we are able to successfully serve any security need.

Custom-Managed Commercial Security Solutions

innovatefm offers a broad range of customised commercial security solutions, including:

  • Uniformed, unarmed and plainclothes security services
  • Background checks and investigative services
  • Concierge and receptionist services
  • Patrol and alarm response
  • Security consulting, system design, security surveys
  • Security trained support personnel
  • Special events coverage and crowd control
  • Ushers and ticket takers
  • Workplace violence solutions
  • Access control

Our People

innovatefm’s philosophy is to provide each client with unique and effective commercial security services and residential security solutions. We emphasise selection, security training and certification of a superior guard force. innovatefm’s stringent selection process, retention is vital to our ‘people strategy’. Our ability to retain quality employees results from:

  • Employee recognition
  • Exceptional workplace conditions and culture
  • Advancement opportunities

What Sets INNOVATEFM Security Services Apart

We owe much of our customer satisfaction to the dedication and longevity of our team. Our employees remain committed to our service philosophy and are enthusiastic about change. Essential factors that have made us a commercial security services industry leader and a valuable partner to our customers include:

  • Continuing the development of our highly qualified management team. Training programs keep innovatefm’s officers and managers at the forefront of the commercial and residential security services industry.
  • Process, best practice, and operating plan development for custom security services that are customer focused and cost effective.
  • Our ability to integrate our capabilities with additional divisions to create a holistic approach to your facility. We can address a customer’s complete facility needs through innovatefms’s subsidiaries, conveniently integrated with a single contract and point-of-contact.
  • innovatefm Security services has the capability to service the entire UK and Ireland.
  • The innovatefm transition process. There is a distinct difference in the way we seamlessly transition into new client sites. We spend more time, so you have fewer problems.