Our Operating System

innovatefm’s operating system is based upon a strong operational support system with our business partners. Our business model is based on stream lining our operating system to specific requirements to provide our partners working solutions, it also allows a level of flexibility and functionality that our partners may use to ensure a full level of transparency on delivery of service and completion to a quality level.

The mechanism immediately ties into the VMS (visual management systems) as well as the risk assessment for every job required to be performed on the customer grounds.

Each VMS will be created within the launch period of the agreement with the customer.

The customer appointed representative and Operations team will agree upon specific areas of buyoff for each VMS.

  • These specific areas will be identified on VMS
  • Each identified area will have an after picture or verbiage describing in detail key items to be addressed
  • Both customer and innovatefm operations will agree and stamp signed off on VMS
  • Each VMS to be reviewed regularly
  • Once VMS is created, the buyoff mechanism is based on a daily and monthly scope with a rating system

Unique Transformation Approach

To drive best practices and standards, we transition all jobs with a team of experts who implement talent management resources, technology, training, and systems to transform from the current state of service to service excellence.

Training Through Three Key Resources

  • A network of technical specialists and subject matter experts throughout the country that meet the facility management teams regularly to provide hands on training and advice.
  • Web based formal training tools including our Summit Safety and skills training tools that create a syllabus of traditional technical, managerial, and skills-specific expertise.
  • Virtual training through our innovatefm portal. Subject matter experts and technicians offer live video on actual operations, maintenance and repair techniques shared throughout our organisation.