At innovatefm, we believe that a sustainable business is dependent on economic vitality, social equity and a healthy natural environment. We do not see these goals as mutually exclusive, but inextricably linked.

EQHS compliance

We attribute much of innovatefm’s continued growth in industrial and commercial services to our investment in comprehensive, environmental, health and safety programs. At innovatefm, safety and environmental compliance represents more than a set of policies and procedures. Property health and safety compliance requires ongoing expertise that drives a culture of safety. We ensure our management programs meet recognised standardas and are continuously developed and improved. Certifications include ISO 9001 with a UKAS accredited certification body as well as health and safety schemes; Safe Contractor and CHAS.

Green key cleaning program

If you are concerned about the environment and the health of your facility, innovatefm offers Green Key, our customisable, green cleaning program. Whether you’ve become an expert on cleaning green or are just wondering where to begin, we can help. Want to start small? We can begin with basic green cleaning options, such as switching to Green certified cleaning products. Green Key can also take a broader approach to cleaning green and include things like, recycling programs and touch-less water conservation equipment. Whatever route you choose, there are simple steps you can take to decrease pollutants spread throughout your facility and to promote indoor air quality. Green cleaning provides benefits to businesses, buildings, occupants, visitors, and the environment.

Sustainable cleaning practices

Green and sustainable cleaning practices are among the key drivers in the commercial cleaning industry, and show no signs of slowing down. Customer demand and the accompanying surge in environmentally preferable products and services is impacting the way facility managers think and approach the cleaning and maintenance of their buildings. But, does this focus on sustainability come at the expense of the bottom line? The past ten years have brought tremendous growth in the awareness of green cleaning, and the widespread adoption of green cleaning programs and practices.