4 Reasons to Keep Your Office Windows Clean

Jul 11, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

Office windows are an essential part of any workspace, especially in high-rise buildings. They provide sunlight, a clear view and are also aesthetically pleasing to look at. However, neglecting window cleaning is one of the biggest flaws an office can do.

Dirty, grimy windows gives the office an extremely unpleasant look, no matter how good the interior cleanliness or decor is.
Listed below are four reasons why your office window must be kept clean.

1. It makes the building and surrounding neighbourhood aesthetically pleasing

Clean, sparkly windows on a building gives visitors and workers the impression that the owners of the building care about the state of their workspace. It also makes employees feel a sense of pride when walking through the doors to work every day.

Seeing clear skies reflected on the exterior of your building also uplifts the aesthetic appeal of the whole neighbourhood, and sets a good impression upon neighbours, visitors, customers, and workers alike.

2. It increases staff productivity

Exposure to windows gives the staff exposure to sunlight, which increases their quality of life. Research has shown that workers also sleep on 46 minutes more on average each day, meaning they come to work well rested and refreshed.

Exposure to natural sunlight regulates the employees’ circadian rhythm, which is the 24-hour physical and mental cycle that every living organism goes through. It is dictated by the day-night cycle, and ample sunlight means that employees have better adjusted sleep cycles, better hormone releases, and are less prone to mood swings.

3. It increases the efficiency of solar windows

Many offices have installed solar windows to reduce the energy consumption of the office and to be more efficient and green. However, dirty and grimy windows makes these solar panels function inefficiently, making them heat up more and work more to produce energy.

Contaminants like traffic dust, tree pollen, bird droppings and more will cause a phenomenon called solar clouding, which will not enable the solar panels to function to their maximum potential. Cleaning the windows will make sure that you get maximum possible returns on your energy investments.

4. It makes the building age better

Glass might seem like it’s impermeable, but it actually is very porous and prone to degradation. Neglecting to clean the windows will make it acquire a permanent dusty, grimy look, and might also cause microorganisms to grow on the window edges, which causes it to become more fragile as time progresses.

Cleaning windows regularly makes the glass age better, keeping them strong and visually appealing. Clearing contaminants from window surface is very important to make sure that the glass does not degrade before it’s time.

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