4 Easy Ways to Keep your Bar or Pub Clean

Jun 29, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

A lot of people like to grab a pint after a long day at work. Sports matches during the weekends are also a something that brings people together for some drinks and cheers. Pubs and bars are also a place that people like to socialize in.

With so much people that like to visit pubs and bars, it’s important for business owners to keep them clean and hygienic to meet health and safety standards.

Why do pubs need to be cleaned?

It is important to clean pubs because

  • A dirty pub or bar is not somewhere people would like to frequent.
  • It builds rapport with the customer base.
  • Negative word-of-mouth reviews will hamper business.
  • An unsanitary environment in a place where food and drinks are consumed is hazardous to health./li>

As you can see, keeping the pub or bar clean is pretty important. So how can it be done? Listed below are 4 reasons how you can keep your pub or bar clean with ease.

1. Adopt a “Clean As You Go” policy

A “Clean As You Go” policy simply means adopting a policy where you clean as soon as a mess is made, and sometimes when it’s not.

Not letting glasses pile up, wiping spills as soon as they occur, and giving muddy footprints quick, periodic mops are some easy practices that you can adopt, which will help you spend less time and effort doing deep cleans of your business premises.

2. Create a cleaning schedule, and stick to it

Make a daily, weekly, and monthly checklist for maintenance and cleaning operations, and follow it strictly.

Daily tasks will include cleaning dishes and cooking utensil, wiping the floors and tables and such. Weekly tasks include deep cleaning the restrooms, giving the ducts a once over and other similar tasks, while monthly tasks will include a thorough cleaning of the whole facility, reviewing the inventory and such.

Completing these tasks are important, and hence it is better to schedule them into a to-do checklist, and work on them accordingly.

3. Make sure the employees wash their hands regularly

It is very important for the employees to be clean and sanitized, to prevent cross-contamination in the facility. The pub or bar has a lot of potential contaminants in it, from restrooms that experience heavy footfalls, spilled food and drinks, waste from the kitchen, inorganic waste and a lot more.

The employees who handle the various facilities must be careful not to cause cross-contamination, and the best way to ensure this is by washing hands periodically. It is also better if employees use a hand-sanitizer after washing the hands.

4. Don’t forget about the smell

A clean and spotless facility is well and good, but one should also pay attention to how your pub or bar smells. Large crowds who drink and eat will not leave behind a pleasant odour in the pub, so some measures must be adopted to take care of this aspect.

Keep exhaust fans at different places throughout the facility so that the air is ventilated properly. You can also use aerosol fresheners to control the smell inside the facility. Organic fresheners would be best though, since chemicals and edibles are not very friendly for the health of the customer.

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