5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Carpets Regularly

Aug 27, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

Carpets are an extremely important entity in any workspace. They not only add aesthetics, but also provide comfort while walking around. They are also necessary for a variety of reasons, ranging from insulation to ambience.

However, as necessary and important as they are, they can also be a hotbed of bacteria, dust, mould, and allergens if not cleaned regularly.


How should carpets be cleaned?

Vacuuming is a great way to clean the carpets. It takes care a lot of the surface dust and dirt, and also improve it’s looks. However, just vacuuming is not quite enough. Carpets also require periodic deep cleaning to keep their condition up to par.

Deep cleaning is something that should be done by professionals. It removes the hardest to reach dust and debris that might be stuck in the carpet fibers, and also, a lot of carpet companies won’t honor the warranty unless the carpets have been cleaned professionally at least once a year.


Why is carpet cleaning necessary?

The reasons below explain why carpet cleaning is not only necessary, but also beneficial for you.


1. Cleaning your carpet helps to increase its lifespan

Keeping carpets clean is the first and most important step to increase the longevity of the carpets. Excess buildup of dust can cause carpets to lose their softness, cause permanent stains, and force you to change carpets more regularly than required.

Cleaning carpets thoroughly and regularly solves all these problems, and increases the lifespan of your carpets significantly.


2. Save money by cleaning your carpets regularly

Carpets are as expensive as they are necessary. Having to change them regularly can significantly drain your finances. However, if they are cleaned regularly, then they don’t need to be changes as frequently.

So cleaning carpets is also a good way to save money for your business in the long term.


3. Clean carpets to prevent the spread of allergens and bacteria

Unclean carpets are an extremely conducive environment for allergens, mould and bacteria to flourish in. This can cause numerous health concerns, and is detrimental for the safety of the workers in the office.

Getting the carpets deep-cleaned takes care of these health hazards, making the office a much safer place to work in.


4. Remove odours from your carpet by getting it cleaned

Dusty carpets have a stale, musty odour that is quite unpleasant. This odour can be a big contributing factor to employee dissatisfaction in the office.

Getting your carpets cleaned can take care of this odour, and enhances the overall olfactory environment of the workspace.


5. A clean carpet makes your office looks nice

No matter how clean the office is, it will look unclean if the carpets are dirty as well. Dirty, stained carpets can make an office look very dirty and unappealing. On the other hand, clean carpets will make the office look aesthetically pleasing.

Cleaning carpets hence is extremely important to maintain good aesthetics in the workspace and create an appealing atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.


Cost-effective Carpet Cleaning for your business

Whether you require an ad hoc deep clean or scheduled carpet cleans for heavy use areas, innovatefm has the equipment and the experience to keep your carpets stain-free and looking new.

We also offer a whole range of commercial cleaning solutions, from office & restaurant cleaning, to window cleaning & washroom services should you need it.

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