Why do Businesses need Specialised COVID-19 Cleaning?

Apr 23, 2020 | Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning

In the midst of a global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, it is imperative that businesses take good care of their workplace areas with the help of companies who provide specialised Coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning, since regular cleaning staff may not be best equipped to provide Coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning due to lack of training, and equipment.

Even though COVID-19 is a respiratory virus which transmits primarily among humans from an infected person’s sneezes, cough or droplets of saliva, the virus also reportedly tends to persist on surfaces ranging for several hours to days. Furthermore, office areas with air conditioned environments provide an even larger breeding ground for this disease.

Proper cleanliness and disinfection must be provided to offices in order to beat the virus. While regular cleaning methods may help, it is important that businesses factor in the threat posed by COVID-19 and adopt newer, more sustainable methods to keep workplaces hygienic and safe.

Without further ado, here are some reasons why your business will benefit from specialised COVID-19 cleaning.

Regular Cleaning Teams may not be able to handle COVID-19 Cleaning

Since the novel coronavirus is less new to the medical community, it is still very risky to try to tackle it without the correct protective equipment and tools. It may also not be effective or budget-friendly for all businesses to train and provide their regular cleaning teams with the appropriate gear and knowledge.

Regular cleaning teams without the right equipment or training may face a higher risk of catching the virus and thereby spreading it further. Furthermore they may also not be willing to go into contaminated areas for fear of their own health.

With the help of Specialised Cleaning Teams, you eliminate this risk completely since you are hiring professionals who know exactly what to do and are better equipped.

Specialised protective equipment to protect against the Coronavirus

Specialised cleaning teams are given PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), gloves, and masks to protect themselves from catching the virus from surfaces, the air, or even infected individuals. This reduces the risk of catching the virus while working in contaminated areas.

Specialised cleaning equipment to eliminate the virus

Specialised cleaning teams are better informed about the right equipment, training and tools to clean and disinfect the office areas properly. Our teams have the proper disinfectants, anti-bacterial sprays, fogging equipment and more to ensure that the site has been cleaned thoroughly.

COVID-19 Cleaning requires proper training

Even with the right protective equipment and cleaning equipment, it’s very important that cleaning teams be well-trained in how to behave and act in contaminated areas. They must, at all times, be professional, considering the magnitude of the virus outbreak.

Even simple things such as properly disinfecting before removing their PPE, disposing of used or possibly contaminated outerwear, and even resisting the need to touch one’s face before santising are the kind of awareness that only proper training can provide.

Ensure that your office is safe from the Coronavirus for employees

If your business is still running during this period, periodic cleaning will reduce the risk of contracting the virus for any employees who are working there. The cleaning will also help put their minds at ease so they can focus on their daily tasks.

Cleaning can ensure your office is safe for employees to return to work

If your business is shut down at the moment, then this is the best time to order a thorough clean of your workplace. Specialised cleaners can thoroughly clean the entire office so that when your business does resume, it is virus-free and employees can work without worry about the virus.

Certify that your workplace is safe from COVID-19

Companies providing Specialised COVID-19 Cleaning will also provide certificates at the end of the clean that certifies that the area is safe. This will help you when you need to recall employees back to resume business operations.

Does your business need Specialised COVID-19 Cleaning?

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