9 Things that Cause Grease, Dirt, & Debris Build-up in Commercial Kitchens

May 31, 2018 | Ductwork Cleaning

Commercial kitchens are a hub of activity. There’s constant activity in them during working hours, and a lot of these activities aren’t conducive to the sanitation of the kitchen. There are a lot of ways that grease, dirt and debris may build up in commercial kitchens, nine of which are discussed below.

1. Food spills

Accidents happen. In a busy environment with isolated activities all over, they happen quite a bit. No matter how well-trained your staff are, a few food spills are bound to occur in the kitchen. These cause stains and grease to build up on kitchen surfaces.

Food spills are one of the major reason for buildup of grease and dirt inside commercial kitchens, and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

2. Accumulation of Garbage

Commercial kitchens produce a lot of waste, most of which is organic. If garbage bins aren’t emptied regularly (daily, after working hours is best), it causes a foul odor and also causes dust and dirt to accumulate in the kitchen.

Clearing your garbage bins should be a daily priority, to avoid any complications that may arise because of overflowing bins.

3. Uncleaned ducts & ventilation systems

Ducts and ventilation systems are a must in every commercial kitchen. They deal with smoke and grease, and make the kitchen cleaner and easier to work in. However, due to the fact that they are usually out of sight, dust build-up in them may get out of hand, which compromises the overall sanitation of the kitchen.

It is extremely important to clean the ducts and ventilation systems periodically to prevent this.

4. Oil splatters from fryers

Fryers can cause oil sprays, which causes grease to be deposited on visible and non-visible surfaces. This causes a variety of complications, including slippery floors, fire hazards, and unclean surfaces.

Therefore it is necessary to immediately deal with any oil splatters that inevitably occur when using fryers.

5. Disregard of standard protective gear

There is a reason for chef whites and chef hats. It’s not just for show. The whites will show any stains or spills clearly, and the hats prevent any loose hair from getting on the food or workstations.

Disregarding these gears is one of the biggest mistakes a chef can make, and makes the kitchen an unsanitary place to work.

6. Raw meat juices

Meat is a staple in most commercial kitchens. No matter how much people may argue, vegetarian restaurants do not see the same business as non-vegetarian restaurants, unless a majority of the demographic is vegetarian. However, raw meat comes with it’s own set of hazards.

There are a lot of microorganisms present in uncooked meats that may spread through it’s juices on cutting boards or resting surfaces. Meat juices, especially raw meat juices must be dealt with quickly and effectively to prevent the hazards it presents.

7. Food residue in cooking utensils

Cooking utensils are the most overworked commodities in a commercial kitchen, obviously. They are used throughout the day, and the amount of work they go through is bound to leave some residue in them.

They need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly, and any negligence in this regard is a major mistake. It can cause food that is cooked in them to taste bad, cause burns and can affect the sanitation of the kitchen.

8. Not following standard practices

There are certain protocols that should be followed in a commercial kitchen. These include washing hands after handling raw food, not using the same board for cutting meat and vegetables, using gloves and protective gear while handling hazardous equipment like liquid nitrogen or acid, and a lot more.

Not following these practices decreases the sanitation of a kitchen, causing it to be unclean and unsafe.

9. Cleaning hard-to-reach places

Hard-to-reach places, like the space behind ovens and stoves, and the underside of cabinets accumulate a lot of dust and are often neglected by cleaning staff since they are difficult to reach.

These places need to be checked and cleaned regularly, lest they affect the overall standards of the kitchen.

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