Do’s and Don’ts for Office Cleaning

Jan 29, 2019 | Commercial Cleaning

The average worker in the UK spends an average of 38 hours in the workplace. A large chunk of their waking hours is spent in the office, hence keeping the office clean is of vital importance. Although there are simple ways to make sure that the office is cleaned properly, it is important to lay down some do’s and don’ts for the employees to make sure that the cleanliness is maintained.

Discussed below are a few do’s and don’ts employees should be following in the office to make sure that the office is kept as clean as possible.

1. Keep desks organized

The desk is usually a place where papers and documents are cluttered. And although a lot of the papers are important ones, all of them aren’t necessary so it is necessary to sort through them periodically.

Do: Set up a system of folders where you can place necessary papers. It might be a good idea to make three of these, and sort papers according to priority. Also, keep a wastebasket nearby and throw any unnecessary papers in that.

Don’t: Throw files here and there, or just let them pile up haphazardly at your desk. It reduces working space, and also makes the office untidy.

2. Food can cause odors or stains

Sustenance is important, and you cannot stop employees from eating. However, you can make rules about food so that office cleanliness is maintained, and there aren’t any odd stains on the keyboard or a smelly desk.

Do: Eat during the lunch break in designated eating areas, like the dining area or the break room. Avoid eating at the desk as much as possible, and if you’d like a snack, then take a quick walk while you eat so that you stretch your legs too.

Don’t: Eat at your desk. Although you might be working hard and the boss might be happy, your co-workers will not appreciate the mess or the smell.

3. Clean all electronics regularly

If electronics aren’t taken care of properly and dust is allowed to build on them, then they will stop working. Keeping electronics clean is very important for keeping them functional. These electronics are the property of the office, and keeping them clean is important for both employees and management.

Do: Clean your electronics once a week. Do take care though since a lot of electronics have certain instructions or methods to clean them, and not following them will cause them to malfunction. Use special cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths for maximum results.

Don’t: As we mentioned before, eating at the desk is a big no, since it might cause food to spill on to electronics, namely keyboards. Also, shut down your PCs and printers before leaving, and also cover them up if necessary.

4. Restrooms should be as sanitary as possible

Keeping restrooms clean is of vital importance in any workplace. Unclean restrooms makes a bad impression on customers, visitors and employees alike, and also demotivates the employees.

Do: Flush the commode after use all the time, and also wash your hands as cleanly as possible. Sweeping the floors and disinfecting sensitive surfaces is also important for keeping washrooms clean.

Don’t: Leave the restroom without flushing, or leave the commode seats wet. Also, do not flush any plastic items or anything else that might clog up the drainage.

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