How to Check If Your Building Roof is in Good Condition

Jul 11, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

The roof of a building is extremely essential. It provides cover from the elements and is also an important factor in deciding the overall condition of the building. It is also often the most neglected part of the building, since it does not see a lot of activity compared to the other parts of the building.

However, maintaining the roof is extremely important for the overall welfare of the building. Listed below are a few checkpoints that will help you check if the roof of your building is in good condition or not.

1. Is the weather membrane in good condition?

The weather membrane is a feature of the flat roof, or the low-slope roof that is a common feature of most commercial buildings. It protects the roof from rain and snow, and also prevents moisture from leaking into the interior.

Blisters and loss of granules can cause flat roofs to perform sub-par, and holes and punctures can provide a path for water to leak into the building. Regularly inspect the roofs for any of these imperfections, since it’s a lot better to be prevent leaks than deal with them when they occur.

2. Are any of the drains blocked?

All commercial roofs have drains that provide a path for rainwater to be disposed or collected from. However, impurities and debris might be blocking the drain, making them clogged and stagnating the water.

Stagnant water is a conducive environment for bacteria and other harmful organisms to flourish in, and the excess moisture can also cause roofs to degrade and develop leaks. So drains should be checked for blockages regularly and dealt with if they’ve occurred as soon as they’re noticed.

3. Have the shingles on the roofs degraded?

Shingles are a common feature in any sloped roofs, but they also come with their own sets of problems. Asphalt shingles may lose granules, indicating a need for replacement. Wood shingles may develop moss, mould and mildew, whereas tile and marble shingles may be chipped, cracked or even broken. Additionally, metal shingles are prone to corrosion.

If your roof is a sloped one, regularly inspect the shingles for any of the above mentioned imperfections, and deal with them accordingly if they have occurred.

4.Are your flashings and sunlight penetration panels in good condition?

Flashings and sunlight penetration windows on roofs are a good way to get more natural lights inside the building. However, these features also need to be checked regularly to see if they are in the best condition possible.

Make sure that there are no leaks in the penetrations, and check the corners for any problem with the insulations and sealings. They also need to be cleaned frequently, lest they become dusty and opaque, and stop functioning as desired.

5. How is the interior ceiling of the building?

Last, but not least is the interior, or the underside of the roof. This is the area that is visible from within the building, and any problem with the roof will affect this area first.

Check the ceiling under the roof for any leaks or stainings, since this is the biggest indicator that there is something wrong with the roof of the building. It will also indicate the area of the roof that requires immediate attention, so do not neglect the interior of the roof.

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