How to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

Aug 10, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

Out of sight, out of mind is definitely convenient advice, but not the best one, especially when cleanliness is in question. Cleaning the premises is very important to maintain a sanitary and safe workspace, however there are some areas in the workspace that may be hard to reach or clean.

Listed below are some of these places, and ideas on how to clean them.

1. Ceiling fans and light fixtures

Ceiling fans and light fixtures are out of reach for most people, and constantly using ladders to reach them is not a good idea. Leaving them dusty is also not a good idea though, so something must be done to get them clean.

What can be done: Ideally, a disposable cleaner with a long handle works best for cleaning these fixtures. You can use a reusable cleaner too, but the best part about disposable cleaners is that they get the dust stuck, as opposed to just getting them off the surfaces, so you don’t need to clean up the residue.

2. Ceilings

The ceiling is hard-to-reach, for obvious reasons. However, it also houses the most cobwebs and dust in the room, due to the very reason. Hence, cleaning ceilings is important to maintain cleanliness in the room.

What can be done: Use a broom with a long handle to knock off dust and cobwebs from the ceiling. This is should be done before starting to clean the other parts of the rooms, since knocking the dust off the floor after it has been cleaned is counter-productive.

3. Venetian blinds

Blinds are not necessary hard-to-reach per se, but it’s a chore to clean them, since the gaps between them are small so effectively cleaning them is not an easy task.

What can be done: Wrap microfiber cloths around the two heads of a tong and secure them. Slide this tong between the blinds to clean them, and toss the cloths in the wash after you’re done.

4. Sliding window tracks

The tracks that windows slide on accumulate a lot of dust and debris, and are also very hard-to-reach because of tight spaces. However, cleaning them is of utmost importance, since they can make the windows themselves dirty as well.

What can be done: Using crevice attachments of vacuum cleaners is one of the best ways to clean these tracks. If you don’t have a crevice attachment for your vacuum, you can make it yourself using a used tissue paper roll cardboard. Attach one end of the roll to the vacuum and scrunch up the other end to reach the tracks. For residue and stains, mix two cups water with a spoon of dish cleaning liquid and baking soda and use a stiff bristled brush to scrub the stains off. Rinse with clean water afterwards.

5. Behind cabinets

The problem with places that are out-of-sight is that they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and dust without anyone noticing. This holds true for the space behind cabinets as well. Moving them is hard, but they do need to be cleaned.

What can be done: The best way to clean these areas are by removing the cabinet itself, cleaning it and putting them back. However, it may not always be possible. Use mould-removing sprays and compressed air to remove dirt and mould behind such cabinets, although the best way to clean them is to move the cabinet itself.

6. Keyboards

Keyboards are some of the most used commodities in any office. They are also the usually the germiest surfaces. Multitasking with food is also a big problem, since crumbs can get between the keys and removing them is extremely difficult.

What can be done: Once a week, turn your keyboard upside down and give it a good shake to dislodge any crumbs or dust that may be stuck between the keys. Compressed air is also available in the market, and it can be used to blow out the dust stuck inside a keyboard. Hold the keyboard at a 45 degree angle and spray the can of compressed air on it so that the dust and dirt get blown out.

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