How to Keep the Office Elevator Clean

Dec 17, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

Elevators are one of the most used commodities in any office building. With so many people using it everyday, it is extremely important to keep the elevator clean. In fact, elevator buttons are one of the germiest place in any office.

Here are a few ways that your office elevator can be kept clean, to prevent the spread of germs and also improve the sanitation of the office.

1. Clean the rails

The rails are one of the most overlooked areas on the elevator. The floors, mirrors and buttons are usually paid attention to, because they are the most visible in any elevator, but dirt and dust can build up in rails over time as well.

With numerous people handling the rails throughout the day, it is extremely important to make sure that the rails get the attention that they require, and cleaned along with the rest of the elevator.

2. Don’t forget the pit

The pit is one part of the elevator that most people don’t know exist. Any trash that people throw in the gap between the platform and the elevator ends up here. Over time, a lot of dust and dirt also accumulates here, making it one of the dirtiest areas in the elevator shaft.

Elevator pit cleaning is not something that should be attempted by amateurs, so it’s a good idea to get it cleaned professionally. It is a vital part of the elevator, so it should not be neglected.

3. Care about the floors, walls, and mirrors

These are the areas of the elevator which is the most visible. Usually, elevator walls are stainless steel, so cleaning must be done with care and attention, lest it be scratched or blemished. Mirrors also have fingerprints and smudges, so wiping them should be a priority.

The floor of an elevator also requires special attention, since it sees a lot of footfall. If the elevator is carpeted, vacuuming the floors periodically is a must. Even if it is not carpeted, mopping and wiping the floor is a job that requires high priority.

4. Sanitize the buttons

The buttons of an elevator are known to be one of the germiest places in an office. With a lot of people pushing them everyday, this should be expected too. Sanitizing the buttons is extremely important, otherwise bacteria will spread rapidly throughout the office.

However, the elevator is a closed space, so care must be taken in selecting the type of sanitizers used. Green sanitizers are the best choice, since they do no harm to the human biology. If the elevator buttons require tougher sanitization, then it might be a good idea to sanitize them and shut the elevator off for a few hours. This is best done during holidays, since disruption will be minimized on those days.

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