How to Maintain a Nice Smelling Office

Nov 2, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

Aesthetics are very important in any office. It keeps both employees and customers happy, and is necessary to set a good impression of the business. It doesn’t just include how an office looks either. An office that looks good but smells bad fails aesthetically, which hampers both employee performance and customer retention.

Having the office smell nice is also quite important to maintain office aesthetics. A lot of factors can affect the smell of an office, ranging from holiday staleness to uncleaned carpets.

So how can you make your office smell nice?

1. Keep the office clean

Keeping the office clean is the first and most important step for making sure the office smells good. Dust, dirt and garbage automatically makes the office smell unpleasant. Everything from floors, walls, carpets and even windows can affect the smell of an office.

Making sure that the office is clean helps ensures that the office smells pleasant and is one of the biggest factors in dictating the olfactory ambience of any office.

2. Open the windows

Although it might seem counterintuitive, opening windows is also a good way to make sure that any office smells nice, especially as soon as the office opens. It gets rid of the stale, musty smell that might build up overnight or during weekends and holidays.

However, keeping the windows open for too long might be a problem if there is a lot of smoke and dust outside. This can be a problem especially if the office is located next to major roads and commuting areas.

3. Take care of the washrooms

One of the biggest source of odours in a business is the washrooms. Maintaining washrooms is vital to maintain an odour-free and nice smelling office. Keeping washrooms clean is a fairly easy task if everyone knows what to do, and will help improve the smell of the office considerably.

You can also use scents in the washroom to make it smell better. However, sensitivity in smell is an important factor here. If the scent in the restroom is overwhelming, employee productivity might be affected.

4. Keep potted plants

Potted plants are a good way to keep the office smelling fresh and natural. They also improve the visual ambience of the workplace, making it look good and smell good at the same time.

Potted plants require some amount of care however. Dead and rotten plants will hinder more than help the smell of an office, so they must at least be watered and pruned regularly.

5. Use subtle scents

Using scents to improve the smell of the office is also a good way to maintain an odour-free office. Stay clear of scented candles, because although they might be a good idea for homes, it’s not as effective in the office. Better ideas might be plug-in air fresheners, or essential oil diffusers.

However, it is important to make sure that these scents are subtle, and not overwhelming. It might affect people with strong scent sensitivities, whether they are employees, customers, or other visitors.

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