How to Maintain Sports Fields Properly

Aug 13, 2018 | Grounds Maintenance

Kicking the football around the pitch can be extremely fun, but an poorly managed field can completely ruin the experience.

It is important to maintain sports fields properly so that they can be used longer, they don’t encounter damage, and the people who use them have a good experience.

Listed below are a few ways that you can follow to properly take care of sports fields.

1. Mow the grass properly

Mowing grass is extremely important for taking care of sports fields. It must be mowed to just the right height for optimum condition – it is usually recommended that the grass be mown to a height of 1 to 2 inches during the warmer months and 2 to 3 inches during the colder months.

The frequency of mowing is also important since freshly cut grass must blend in with the surface after mowing, otherwise you’re mowing too infrequently. Do not rake the grass off the field after mowing, it may cause unnecessary damage to the field.

It is also recommended that you mow in a new direction every time, so that freshly cut grass is evenly distributed across the field.

2. Control weeds

Weeds are a major inconvenience in sports fields, ruining everything from the aesthetics to the functionality of the field. They should be controlled and not allowed to grow rampantly.

It is important to use herbicides for controlling weeds, but excess herbicides can be very harmful for the sports field. Consult an expert about the type of herbicides and the amount required for your field before using them.

3. Fertilize the field

Fertilizing the field is necessary for facilitating the growth of grass on the field. However, grass does not require a lot of fertilization, and excess fertilization can do more harm than good, allowing weeds and other unwanted fauna to grow rampantly on the field.

Again, consult an expert regarding the type of fertilizers and the amount required before using any on the field, because fertilizers need to be regulated and used with caution.

4. Don’t let players on the pitch if it’s not in good condition

A pitch out of condition is not a good experience for any player, but it does not stop them from playing though.

If the pitch is not in good condition, do not hesitate to make it off limits to players as 22 grown people pounding on the ground with their feet will ruin the pitch even more.

5. Water the field

Irrigation is important to keep the sports field in top condition, but again, do not overdo it, else the pitch will become muddy and unplayable.

It is recommended that you water the field once or twice a day, depending upon the weather for the best possible results.

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