Protecting the Office Floor from Ice Salt

Oct 14, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

Winter is just around the corner, and with winter comes snow.

Snow plows will be working overtime, salting the snow and ice with ice salt to keep pedestrians safe from slipping. While ice salt is great for people who walk outside during snow, it can be a nightmare for the office floors.

So how does one keep the office floors clear of Ice Salt?\

1. Use floor mats at critical entrances

Floor mats are a great way not just to stop ice salt from getting on the floors, but it can deter all kinds of dust and dirt from getting onto the office floors year round.

Place floor mats at the main entrance, as well as any other places that are frequented more than others, like the restrooms or meeting rooms.

If your office has multiple floors, then it is a good idea to place them in all the landings and elevator entrances. It makes cleaning the floors a lot easier as well.

2. Clean the floor often

Although it might be tedious, cleaning the floors more often is a lot more economical and productive than having to deal with ice salt damage. The chemicals in ice salt might cause staining and irregularities in the floor, which would cost a lot more than having to clean the floor more often. This is especially problematic for hardwood floors.

Make a cleaning schedule such that the floors are cleaned twice a day (before and after business hours) during the winter months, so that any potential damage from ice salt can be mitigated.

3. Implement a ‘no-shoe policy’

Although it might not be practical for every office, implementing a ‘no-shoe policy’ in the office helps not just deal with ice salt, but all kinds of dirt and dust that footfall can invite into the office. However, this comes with its own set of problems. The whole office must be carpeted, or at least insulated and cleaned for employees to follow the ‘no-shoe policy’.

Employees must also be provided with in-house footwear if such a policy is to implemented. However, it is getting pretty popular in new-age offices, since it reduces a lot of dirt and dust that might get into the office.

4. Inform the employees

A lot of employees walk in with ice salt sticking to their shoes because they just don’t know better. Put up a sign at easily visible places, or just inform your employees through emails or even personally. This can deal with a lot of potential ice salt that might get on the office floors.

A lot employees come in with ice salt on their feet because they do not know better. A little information will go a long way in reducing this.

Keep your Office Floors neat and clean this winter

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