The Importance of Deep Cleaning the Office

Oct 14, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

Deep cleaning the office is overlooked at times, thought to be unimportant, or even unnecessary. However, just as spring cleaning homes is required, office deep cleanings are also quite important.

People spend a lot of time in the office, and as such, these shared spaces have more potential for spread of germs and dust amongst the employees.

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is an extremely thorough cleaning of the premises, covering all surfaces, hidden surfaces, and even ceilings and light fixtures. It encompasses procedures such as disinfection, dusting, wiping, vacuuming, and a lot more.

How is it done?

Office deep cleanings follow a top-down cleaning approach.

First comes the highest areas, which includes the ceilings, light fixtures, ladder work, and similar. Mid-level cleaning is next, which includes walls, wall art, signs, desks and work areas. Finally, floor cleaning is carried out, after which a final inspection is done to check for any areas that might have been overlooked.

Areas that have a high rate of touch, like desks and phones should also be disinfected. Kitchens require special care to avoid cross contamination. To disinfect food preparation and consumption areas, special food-safe disinfectants are required.

Even the floor requires special attention. If cabinets and desks can be moved, then they should be moved so that those areas of the floor can be cleaned too. These areas are usually never cleared because they can’t be reached. Carpets must also be deep cleaned, via steam extraction or other industry approved methods.

How often should it be done?

The frequency at which your office needs to be deep cleaned varies from office to office. It basically needs to be done as often as your business calls for. Discussed below are a few factors that might help you decide if your office requires deep cleaning or not.

1. Foot Traffic

The number of employees and/or visitors in your office is a big factor in deciding the frequency of deep cleans. More employees and visitors usually warrants more deep cleanings.

2. Type of Business

The kind of work that the office does is also important in deciding how often the office should be deep cleaned. Regular to small businesses require less frequent deep cleaning than larger offices. Also, medical offices, or offices attached to manufacturing facilities need to be deep cleaned a more frequently.

3. Seasons

Surprisingly, seasons can also play a role in determining how often a business requires deep cleaning.

Change of seasons brings about cold and flu, which may prompt deep cleaning for keeping employees safe from outbreaks. Also, foot traffic will attract mud, snow and sleet during winters, which will also increase the frequency of deep cleanings required.

Get your office professionally deep cleaned

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