Top 4 Technologies from 2018 that Facilities Managers Should be Aware Of

Sep 6, 2018 | Facilities Management

The age of technology is upon us. It is playing a vital role in all areas of expertise, and Facilities Management is no exception. Everything is automated and digitized, and a Facility Manager should be up to date with recent technologies and innovations that are permeating the field of Facilities Management today.

Recognizing this, a few essential technologies have been listed below that all facility managers should be familiar with at this time.

1. Business Information Modelling (BIM)


What is it?

Originally designed for architects and interior designers, BIM systems maintain digital models of physical buildings. They keep track of asset locations, visualize space management strategies & processes, and also map out structural elements, like walls & windows.


How is it useful?

BIM systems are extremely helpful for execution and improvement of maintenance plans, as well as proper space management strategies. It is an excellent tool for making data-driven decisions regarding Facilities Management.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)


What is it?

IoT is the next big thing in communication technologies. It refers to a system of interconnected devices and procedures that are automated, remotely controlled, and interdependent and helps to streamline the process of Facility Management.


How is it useful?

IoT allows a Facilities Manager to control facilities and assets remotely. This ranges from everything from lights and HVACs, to door locks and computers.

It can give the Facilities Manager a high degree of control and knowledge about the assets and facilities of a company, and helps manage them easily.

3. Machine Learning


What is it?

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, which allows the system to collect data, analyse it, and predict certain outcomes without explicit programming. It does require some level of computational knowledge, but it is an excellent system to support decision making.


How is it useful?

Machine learning facilitates intelligent asset management, which is a proactive approach to maintenance. By gathering data about assets and analysing them, Machine learning can predict issues and breakdowns with equipment before they occur, and even send updates to the manager to take the necessary steps to prevent it.

4. Wearable Technologies


What is it?

As the name suggests, wearable technology is tech that is worn on the person. A common example of this are smart watches and smart goggles.

How is it useful?

Wearable technology supports a vast range of features, such as access control, employee tracking, space utilisation, work patterns, and asset utilisation. Although it is a bit on the expensive side to implement, it is an effective solution to a lot of facility management problems, especially for larger organizations.



Although all of these technologies are useful, they should not be implemented haphazardly. Proper analysis and studies should be done to assess the needs of the organizations, and decide what will provide the maximum value to the organization in terms of economy and convenience before implementing any new technology in the company.

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