TR19 Grease: What is it? Does your business need it?

Apr 22, 2021 | Ductwork Cleaning

What is TR19 Grease?

TR19 Grease is an independent specification created from the previous TR19 standard. It was developed in 2019 by BESA.

The main purpose of TR19 Grease is to reduce the number of fires caused by the accumulation of grease in the kitchen extraction system. This is why many organizations refer to it as TR19 Grease – Fire Risk Management of Grease Accumulation within Kitchen Extraction Systems.

Why TR19 Grease?

The grease or vegetable oils deposited inside the kitchen extract system can easily cause a fire and it has been found that most of the fire around kitchens and buildings is caused by the grease deposited inside the kitchen extract system.

It makes property owners and kitchen workers more concerned about the fire risk caused by deposits from the kitchen like vegetable oils, animal fats, and so on.

This is why a standardized specification is needed that will mainly focus on minimizing the fire caused by the deposit in the kitchen extract system.

BESA then decided to implement a stand-alone specification named TR19 Grease. It mainly will focus on the management of fire risk due to the accumulation of grease in the kitchen.
As per the specifications:

  • The kitchen extract system should be properly inspected, tested, and cleaned regularly
  • Owners should undertake sufficient Fire Risk Assessment from someone who can identify the potential fire risk due to the kitchen extract system
  • Ventilation systems should be constructed in such a way that it will be easier to clean and replace the parts regularly

How is TR19 Grease different from standard TR19?

The TR19 standard was developed in 1998 by BESA as a way to standardize duct and kitchen extract cleaning. Initially, it covered all the specifications of ventilation and kitchen extract cleanliness.

To learn more about the TR19 standard, visit our Comprehensive Guide on TR19 Standard.

However, in 2019 BESA introduced a new specification named TR19 Grease that mainly focuses on managing the fire risk caused by the grease accumulation in the kitchen extract system. The main reason to introduce it as an independent specification is because of the increase in the number of fires due to the deposit in the kitchen.

Since TR19 Grease is an independent specification, TR19 standardization doesn’t cover any aspect of TR19 Grease specification. Hence, service providers with TR19 are not eligible for TR19 Grease, and they should also be certified with TR19 Grease in addition to TR19.

TR19 Grease For Kitchen Owners / Operators

The deposit in the kitchen extract system has been considered as one of the major sources of fires in kitchens. This is why insurance companies and fire departments have now started strict inspections on the maintenance and cleanliness of the kitchen extract systems where they check whether the cleaning of kitchen ventilation systems has been done as per the industry standard.

This also includes validating the certificate of the respective ductwork service providers.

Now, if your service provider hasn’t been certified with the industry-standard specifications like TR19 and TR19 Grease, they may invalidate your insurance claims.

Looking for TR19 Grease Certified Cleaners?

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