What Should You Do Before The Cleaning Crew Shows Up?

Dec 6, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

So you’ve recently hired a commercial cleaning service to take care of your office for you. This might be the first time that you’ve done this, and you might not be sure what to expect. Maybe you think you need to tidy up the office a little before they arrive, or maybe you’re not sure what the are the tasks they’ll do and what’s left for you.

Here are a few tips on what you should do before the cleaning crew arrives.

1. Check the service agreement

Before you hire any professional cleaning service, they will sign a service agreement with you, which details what they’ll do and when they’ll do it. Go through this document thoroughly, and check what are the things that are not covered in it.

There might be things like waste segregation or window cleaning that are not covered in the agreement. Usually these can be added to the agreements depending upon your need, but you will not need to worry about anything that has been covered in the agreement.

2. Keep track of any important files, papers or personal belongings

Cleaning crews don’t know what’s important and what’s not. While they usually do tidy up anything on desks and and common areas, they might throw away papers strewn on the floors.

Make sure that any important documents and papers are inside drawers, or you can even put a “Do Not Touch” sign on them so that the cleaning crew knows to stay away.

3. Inform the employees

You might have hired a cleaning crew, but your workplace might have no clue about this. This might lead to complications, obstructions and will not allow the service to be carried out effectively.

It’s always better to inform the employees about when the cleaning crew is visiting, so that they can perform their tasks efficiently, and your employees aren’t inconvenienced as well.

4. Inform them about any important office norms

You might have a certain set of rules in the office, like keeping cell phones on silent, or a no-shoe policy in either certain areas, or throughout the whole office itself. Any cleaning crew visiting your office for the first time will not be privy to these norms, which might lead to complications and unwanted confrontations.

If there are any rules of the office that MUST be followed, whether it be by employees, customers or even service providers, be sure to inform them about it beforehand.

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