4 Dangers of Cleaning Manufacturing Facilities In-house

Jan 29, 2019 | Industrial Cleaning

Manufacturing facilities are a hotbed of activity, with heavy machinery, dangerous processes and highly specialised procedures being commonplace. As such, cleaning these facilities poses some dangers that an ill-equipped or in-house cleaning crew might not be prepared to deal with.

However, it is also very important to clean these facilities for a variety of reasons, from safety and efficiency, to the need for meeting standards of cleanliness for legal reasons. 

Discussed below are some dangers that one might face while cleaning manufacturing facilities, and how professional cleaning crews deal with them.

1. Cleaning at height

Manufacturing facilities usually have very high ceilings, and efficient usage of space usually results in machinery and equipment being used at high locations. Improperly equipped cleaning crews do not have the expertise or the equipment required to clean at heights, and skipping this particular task is not conducive to the overall cleaning of the facilities.

 Professional cleaning crews have all the required equipment, like ladders, scaffolding and harnesses, and the proper training to clean high areas properly. Hence it is always safer to higher professional cleaners rather than getting in-house cleaners to clean such areas.

 2. Chemical hazards

A lot of manufacturing procedures use controlled and hazardous chemicals, like strong acids and toxic chemicals for a variety of reasons. Ill-equipped handling and cleaning of such chemicals can results in hazards, including fatalities, and care is paramount when dealing with such chemicals.

 Professional cleaning crews are well-equipped to deal with such hazards. They can contain such chemicals, clean them up, as well as stay safe from any side effects that might arise from handling such chemicals, which is why hiring such a team for cleaning your facility is a wise move.

3. Heavy machinery

Manufacturing facilities use a lot of heavy machinery in their assembly lines. These machines have dangerous parts that can cause serious injuries if not taken care of. However, they are also dangerous for untrained personnel to clean.

Professional cleaning teams have certain processes and procedures that minimises, and at times, even eliminates any risk and allows them to work safely and unimpeded, which is why hiring them to take care of your manufacturing facility is a good idea.

4. Negligence

One of the biggest sources of danger faced when cleaning manufacturing facilities is negligence. There are a lot of sources of dust and debris in such facilities, and not taking care of them cause them to accumulate, causing greater problems later on.

Professional cleaning crews are experienced about the sources of dust and debris in manufacturing facilities, and can take appropriate steps regarding these to make sure that the facility runs effectively and efficiently.

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