6 Things That Cause Grease, Dirt & Debris Build-up in Manufacturing Facilities

Jun 15, 2018 | Industrial Cleaning

The manufacturing facility is one of the most important part of any corporation. They provide the goods that are sold, and are responsible for maintaining the quality of goods that is supplied to the consumers.


As a result, manufacturing facilities are a hotbed of constant activity, both automated and manual. While these activities are important and integral to the operations of the facility, they are generally not conducive to maintaining the sanitation and cleanliness of the facility.


Below are a list of 10 potential reasons that might cause grease, dirt, and debris to build up in manufacturing facilities.


1. People

People are not automated machines. They have certain roles and responsibilities in the facility, however, with the presence of people, also comes the possibility of carelessness and pollution.


Littering by workers is a big problem in manufacturing facilities. Although it is avoidable and steps can be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen, it is still a problem and needs to be dealt with.


2. Unused machinery

A lot of manufacturing facilities have unused machinery lying around, waiting to be reused, recycled, or disposed of. These machinery encourage vermin and dust infestations, and reduce the overall sanitation of the whole facility.


The insides of unused machinery provides an environment for vermin and insects to nest in. This can affect the whole manufacturing process, and make the facility an unsanitary place to work in.


3. Industrial chemicals

Chemicals are commonplace in every manufacturing facility. They are required for a variety of purposes, including refinement, in certain processes, and even sometimes for the maintenance and upkeep of the machinery in the facility.


These chemicals require proper handling, and lots of care. They need to be stored in a safe place and proper precautions are required before handling them. Chemicals spills affect the environment of any manufacturing facility, and this should be prevented as much as possible.


4. Unclean ducts

Ducts are a must in any manufacturing facility. They better the air quality of the facility, provide circulation, and take care of grease and smoke in the environment. However, these systems are out-of-sight, and as a result, wrongly out-of-mind too. This causes dirt and debris to build up in these systems with impunity.


Cleaning ductwork systems should be a priority. Dust and debris in vents and ducts is circulated throughout the whole facility, so the effect is not localized. It’s extremely important that the ductwork standards are up to par.


5. Facility operations

The processes that are used to make the products in any manufacturing facility generates a certain amount of waste without fail. These can be trimmings, below par products (as decided by the Quality Analysis team), smoke, and a lot more.


These leftovers and waste materials must be disposed of properly. Unchecked, they can cause a lot of negative consequences to the overall sanitation of the manufacturing facility in question.


6. Unclean exteriors

The insides of the manufacturing facility is not the only thing that governs the sanitation of the facility. Equally important is the exteriors.


Junk piles outside the facilities, or dirty walls and roofs cause the manufacturing facility to be unclean, since they can potentially come inside the facility too.


Regularly cleaning of the exteriors of the manufacturing facility is a must to ensure that the standards of cleanliness of the facility is up to par.


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