6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Office Desk Tidy

Feb 22, 2019 | Commercial Cleaning

A clean desk does wonders to the morale of any employee. It energises and inspires you; and if the desk is clean, you are focused and work will get done. Moreover, it gives you a certain sense of pride, knowing that your desk is clean and clear, and sets a good impression on any visitors or customers you entertain.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your workstation is, there are certain things that can be done to make sure that your desk is as neat as possible.

Here are six simple ways you can keep your office desk tidy.

1. Only keep most used commodities on the desk

Make sure that everything on your desk is there for a purpose. Items that are used on a daily basis, such as computers, stationery and such materials should be kept on it.

Do not keep anything that does not belong on the desk on it – instead store them in drawers or somewhere else to minimize clutter.

2. Keep supply materials close by

Make proper use of drawers and holders to keep items that you need nearby. Do not leave them around haphazardly, since it will just increase the amount of clutter on and around your desk.

Make sure that items you need are kept in a proper, organised manner so that they are easy-to-find, and you won’t have to spend much time looking for them.

3. Make best use of the upwards space

Placing computer monitors on an elevation is not just ergonomic level, but it also ensures that you have cleaner desk.

If possible, install shelves above your desk, and keep binders, files and frequently used resources within arm’s reach. This also increases the amount of free space you have on your desk.

4. Design and follow a system

Create a system for what goes where: items that you write with, like pens, papers and markers should be placed nearer to your dominant hand for easy access.

Setting up a simple system and following it will ensure that your desk is neat and tidy without you having to give it too much thought.

5. Minimise personal effects

Personalising your desk is a nice touch, however care must be taken not to overdo it. Any desk already tends to get cluttered without much personal effects, but if there are too many of them, then there is unwanted clutter on your desk.

Minimise personal effects to one or two items, so that your desk stays tidy, as well as has a personal touch for you.

Certain personal items such as flowers may also result in dirt or organic waste. Other personal effects such as photo frames collect dust which means that you may need to clean them regularly.

6. Organize cables and wires neatly

Since most offices work with computers and other electronic peripherals, you can always see wires and cables at every office.

When setting up these devices, you can always organize them neatly using cable ties and other material to bunch up wires neatly. This also minimises the need for cleaning and unnecessary confusion.

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