8 Places in the Office that Might be Overlooked While Cleaning

Oct 4, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

You might pride yourself at having a clean and sanitary office that is cleaned regularly, but is it really? There are a lot of places in the office that might be overlooked, or even forgotten about during cleaning, which leads to the overall sanitation and cleanliness of the office going down significantly.

Although these places might not be noticeable to you, someone who goes to the office everyday and may have gotten used to it, but it might be easily noticeable to guests and visitors who come to the office less often, which can leave a poor impression upon them.

So what are these places?

1. Behind printers and copy machines

Printers and copiers are some of the most widely used commodities in the office. But, printing a lot of pages per minute leaves tiny particles that tend to accumulate around, under and behind the machines, which is overlooked since it’s a gradual process.

2. Vents

HVAC and ductworks are some of the most essential commodities in an office, but they’re overlooked a lot of time since they’re out of sight, and hence out of mind. There are a lot of reasons for why these systems should be kept clean, ranging from sanitation to reducing energy costs for the business.

Although professional cleaning is required for the whole system, the vents might be neglected during regular cleaning procedures, which cause them to accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and debris over time.

3. Ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles are a common fixture in a lot of offices, but they’re also overlooked quite a bit. Although people rarely look up when they’re working, the rough texture of the tiles tends to accumulate a lot of dust. Also, ceiling tiles located near vents are prone to dark staining.

4. Light fixtures

In offices that are dark, or that work throughout the night, light fixtures are where the insects go and die. These fixtures are mostly neglected, which causes them accumulate dust and dirt over time, dulling their shine and hence their efficiency.

5. Ceiling fan blades

Dust sticks to ceiling fan blades like glues, mostly due to the fact that they find purchase even in the constant motion of the fan, making it very hard to dislodge. Because the top of these blades aren’t visible, they are also usually neglected, which may cause numerous complications in the office.

6. Walls

Floor cleaning is a must and done regularly in any office, but what about the walls? Walls tend to accumulate a lot of dust as well, which can be overlooked. You should especially check the walls behind open doors and areas that see less traffic. Dust sticks resiliently to vertical surfaces, even more if they’re textured or wallpapered.

7. Picture frames

Picture frames might be wiped regularly, but the undersides and the tops of these frames might get neglected, causing them to reduce the aesthetic appeal of the office, rather than uplift it. Make sure that the nooks and crannies of these frames are kept clean as well.

8. Plants and greenery

Whether it be live or artificial foliage, the amount of dust and dirt these fixtures accumulate might surprise you. Dead leaves and cobwebs are also a major concern, and sometimes it might be a better idea to replace them rather than cleaning or caring for them.

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