How Can Employees Contribute to Office Cleanliness

Feb 7, 2019 | Commercial Cleaning

Employees are an integral part of every office and any organisation, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it. At the same time employees are also one of the biggest sources of uncleanliness in an office. However, keeping a clean office is very important, and there are some ways that any employee can do their part in keeping the office clean.

Discussed below are a few ways that employees can contribute to the cleanliness in any office.

1. Clean up after yourself

This is the most basic thing that any employee can do to maintain office cleanliness. This does not mean rigorous cleaning, but rather small things, like shutting drawers after use, or stacking papers properly rather than leaving them haphazardly.

These small things will contribute a lot into making the office cleaner for everyone.

2. Don’t eat at the workstation

You might be working hard, doing important work or just being lazy. Whatever the reason, eating at the workstation should be highly discouraged. Food stains and odours will not be appreciated by coworkers, and it decreases the overall aesthetics of the office.

Take a lunch break, and go to the designated dining area or break room for lunch. This helps greatly in preserving cleanliness in the office.

3. Be responsible

Being responsible about your actions is very important, not just to maintain cleanliness, but for a lot of other factors. If you make a mess, own up to it and clean it. If there is cleaning staff on hand, inform them. Employees should also be responsible for their dirty dishes and any other office amenities that they have used.

4. Do not come to work sick

This is one of the biggest ways any employee can contribute to office cleanliness. Showing up to work sick might show dedication, but it might also spread to other employees, and also cause germs to build up on surfaces, making the micro-environment of the office unclean.

Take rest when you’re sick. If you have urgent or important work, finish it from home, or delegate it to someone. Taking care of yourself is more important.

5.  Be organised

Disorganisation is the biggest source of clutter and junk in the workplace. Throw away papers that aren’t important, or even reuse them if they’re used only on one side. Keep personal effects to a minimum, and make sure that they are accounted for everyday.

Organisation is vital for cleanliness, and also for convenience. If you know what goes where, and where to find the things you need, then maintaining a clean office is not that difficult.

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