How Often Should You Clean Your Facility’s Windows?

Feb 8, 2019 | Commercial Cleaning

Establishing a reputation for your business depends on various factors. The service you provide is one of the top factors, but maintaining a clean, professional outlook to your facilities is equally as important. It is what sets the first impression for any potential customer that visits the facilities.

Dirty, grimy windows on your facilities automatically sets a negative impression on any visitor. They also block natural light, which affects the productivity of your employees. For these reasons and more, window cleaning is not just important, but also very necessary.

So how often should you get your windows cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning that your window requires is very dependant on the kind of business that is being run. It is recommended that windows in commercial buildings be cleaned at least once a year, because dirt build-up can lead to stains that are very hard to remove.

However, depending upon the type of business, the frequency may vary.

Medical facilities

It is extremely important to keep the windows in medical facilities not just clean, but also sterile. Biohazards and the nature of the business demands clean, spotless and sterile facilities.

For these reasons, medical facilities windows must be cleaned at least once a month from the outside. The interiors must be cleaned everyday along with other cleaning operations.


Restaurants have kitchen extract systems installed in them, which does extract a good amount of moisture and grease created. However, it still has a way of dispersing in the air, which can lead to build-up in the windows.

Restaurant windows must be cleaned every two weeks or so. This is to prevent the build-up of grease and moisture damaging the window panes.

Retail stores

Retail stores are businesses with a lot of foot traffic, and hence require frequent cleaning for customer retention and potential customer acquisition. With retail stores being situated in areas with lots of competition around them, maintaining clean and aesthetic facilities are of extreme importance.

Retail store windows must be cleaned once a month, or at least every other month. It is important for retail stores to appeal to customers, hence the more frequent the windows are cleaned, the better.


Clean windows are necessary for automobile dealerships and other showrooms. The products are placed in such a way that they have maximum visibility from the exterior. If the windows are dusty and murky, then the showroom will not have good footfall.

Showroom windows must be cleaned every week so that the products displayed are visible to any passer-bys or potential customers. Windows are of extreme importance to such businesses, hence they require more frequent cleaning.

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