3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Ductwork Cleaning

Aug 27, 2018 | Ductwork Cleaning

Ducts are an essential component in making any building habitable and tolerable. They circulate the air, make it easier for people to stay indoors and regulate the temperature of the building.

But there are a few things that people don’t know about that can be non-beneficial for the overall maintenance of the ductwork systems.

There are a few misconceptions and myths about ductwork cleaning as well. These are a different matter, but no less important to clear up though.

Listed below are a few things that people might not know about ductwork cleaning.

1. Why do ducts need to be cleaned?

Most people know why ducts are important, but they don’t know why duct cleaning is necessary.

Cleaning ducts are necessary for a variety of reasons such as:

– It improves indoor air quality.

– It increases the efficiency of the ductwork system.

– It eliminates health hazards that may be caused by mould and allergens.

– It’s necessary for meeting insurance and legal standards.


2. How should ducts be cleaned?

Duct cleaning should be done by a professional cleaning service to ensure that the TR19 standard has been followed.

BESA’s (Building Engineering Services Association) TR19 standard for duct cleaning is the most widely accepted standard for duct cleaning in the UK. Many insurance companies require proof that the ducts have been cleaned to this standard before providing insurance to businesses.

This standard defines procedures for various steps in the cleaning process, including access mechanisms, inspection mechanisms, cleaning processes, and verification.


3. How often should ductwork systems be cleaned?

Duct cleaning frequency is completely dependent on the activities that go on in the building. For example, buildings with kitchens may require more frequent cleaning than buildings without one, since grease buildup in kitchen extract systems is a big fire hazard.

Residential buildings with ductworks may require less frequent cleaning than commercial buildings.


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