6 Simple Ways to Spruce Up your Business this Spring

Feb 8, 2019 | Commercial Cleaning

Winter is finally over, and spring is on the horizon. Now that all the cold, snow and ice is gone, do you still want the remnants to linger in your office? Everyone also experiences spring fever this time of the year, and curing it takes more than just opening the windows for fresh air.

There are a few things you can do to spruce up your business for spring, giving it a cleaner, fresher look. Here are 6 simple ways that you can revitalise your office for this spring.

1. Put flower pots near entrances

Having colourful flowers and fauna near the entrances automatically makes a good impression on anyone that approaches the front door. Plants in containers do need more water and fertiliser than those in the ground, so use resilient varieties.

Some suggestions for plants include germaniums, zinnias and similar plants for sunny areas, and begonias for shady areas.

2. Clean the exterior

Months of biting cold, sleet, snow and ice might have given the exterior of your business a dingy look. Cleaning the office exterior will do wonders to make your business look bright and fresh.

Power washing the exterior is a great way to do this. However, care must be taken so that water won’t permeate where it shouldn’t, and the walls can withstand the pressure.

3. Deep clean carpets and floors

Even if you take a lot of care to protect the flooring from salt, slush and debris that gets tracked into the office, some of it invariably manages to permeate it. This causes damage to the flooring, and not dealing with it compounds into a larger problem in time.

Hire professionals to deep clean your carpets and floors. Carpets do require regular cleaning periodic deep cleaning, and post-winter is the perfect time to do it.

4. Replace old plants

A lot of plants wither and die in winter, and leaving them in their pots will just be unappealing and bland. Indoor plants are relatively inexpensive, and you can also replace them with fake plants.

On the downside fake plants do need to be replaced every two years or so as well. They also get dusty and covered in cobwebs and need to be cleaned regularly.

5. Clear away clutter

If you’ve been working in your industry for a long time, then it is invariable that you’ve accumulated items that aren’t in use anymore. These can include old desks, file cabinets, chairs, outdated equipment, and more.

You can even hold a company-wide rummage sale and give the proceeds to charity. Items that don’t sell can be donated to a non-profit organisation, recycled, or disposed of responsibly.

6. Wash the ceiling

Have you looked at how the ceiling of your office looks lately? Grime doesn’t just accumulate on the top of surface, it can permeate and build up underneath, causing the ceilings to looks dingy. Cobwebs and dust on the corners are also common if the ceiling has been neglected.

Vacuum the ceiling to remove dust and cobwebs. Replace old and damaged ceiling tiles too, and use the right kind of cleaners so that any kind of damage is minimal.

Give your office a complete spring makeover

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