How Often Should you get your Office Cleaned?

Oct 8, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding office cleaning is the frequency at which it should be done. Although a lot of cleaning procedures must be done periodically, the frequency of cleaning your office may vary based on your requirements.

Listed below are some factors that determine how frequently your office should be cleaned:

1. Daily cleaning

No matter how big or small your office is, some cleaning operations MUST be done daily. If your office floor is parqueted or tiled, then it must be mopped daily, since footfall brings a lot of dust and dirt from the outside.

Restrooms should also be cleaned daily, since employees and visitors might use them multiple times during the day. Having unclean restrooms is both unsanitary, and also affects the impression of the office on visitors. Keeping restrooms is actually not difficult either, if done properly.

2. Type of business

The type of business is also a major factor for determining the frequency of cleaning operations in it. Medical offices, or offices within manufacturing facilities require very frequent cleaning, whereas regular offices might not require cleaning as frequently.

Restaurants are another type of business that require frequent cleaning and as well as periodic deep cleaning to remove dirt and grime that builds up in hard to reach areas.

Some types of businesses also have legal guidelines for cleaning and maintenance, which need to be followed for continued operations. These include offices with clean rooms, which require specialised cleaning.

3. Size of the office

The larger the office, the more the employees, which results in the office getting cluttered and dirty easily. Larger offices also have a lot more places for dust and germs to hide, so even if they’re not cleaned, they do require frequent inspection. However, the general rule of thumb is, the bigger the office, the more frequently it should be cleaned.

However, this does not mean that smaller offices should not be cleaned frequently either. Heavy foot traffic causes floors to dirty quickly, and smaller offices also tend to get cluttered quickly when compared to larger offices. Smaller office require less intensive cleaning than larger ones though, so it is a comparatively easier task.

4. Office layout

Another big factor that dictates the frequency of office cleaning is the layout of the office. Open offices are getting more popular, but a large number of people sharing the same working space also leads to it getting unclean faster.

Offices with a large amount of windows should clean their windows at least once a week, so that the aesthetics of the office is maintained. However, if the office is a car showroom or something similar, the windows might have to be cleaned daily to provide product visibility for people walking by.

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