Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

Dec 3, 2018 | Ductwork Cleaning

We’ve talked a lot about why ducts should be cleaned, and how they should be cleaned, but because of a lot of unethical market practices, incorrect information, and general confusion, people have misconceptions and myths about cleaning ducts. And among these, one of the most common questions asked is if duct cleaning is a waste of money.

So is cleaning ducts a waste of money?

In short, cleaning ducts is a waste of money only if you avail the wrong service provider. Duct cleaning is actually a necessity for many insurance providers, and they have a certain standard that needs to be met. To be frank, these services are not very cheap, and any company that offers to clean your ductwork cheaply are probably using a bait-and-switch advertisement.

This is a kind of scheme where a low price is initially quoted to the clients, but the price is for an incomplete service. The clients are usually surprised with a bill that amounts to a price significantly higher than the one quoted in the advertisements.

Even if such a scheme is not used, cheap duct cleaning amounts to a superficial shop-vac cleaning, which is inadequate and does not fulfill the necessary requirements of ductwork cleaning. All the dust and debris deep inside the system will circulate around the system again, causing the cleaning to be ineffective.

When is duct cleaning not a waste of money?

Ducts do not require cleaning everyday, or even every week. The frequency of cleaning is highly dependant on how often it is used, but can also be affected by factors like vermin infestations or spread of allergens. Proper service providers will gauge the level of dirt and debris in the system, check how often the system is in use, and prescribe a schedule for cleaning the system that fits your requirements.

Ductwork cleaning in the UK should be done to match the TR19 standards set by BESA. This standard describes cleaning processes, access mechanisms, recommended frequency of cleaning, and more.

Most insurance providers require certification that show the ductwork cleaning has been done to match this standard.

Is duct cleaning really necessary?

In a nutshell, yes it is.

Ducts are out of sight, so they might be out of mind as well. But dust and debris will build up in them over time, and this will decrease the efficiency of the system, as well as affect its functionality.

Who should I get my ductwork cleaned by?

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