Keeping the Front Lobby Clean for a Good First Impression

Nov 26, 2018 | Commercial Cleaning

The front lobby of an office is one of the most important places in the office. It sees the highest amount of traffic, sets the first impression of the office for visitors and also plays a major role in customer retention. Because it is the first part of the office that customers will see, it is extremely important to make sure that the front lobby is as clean as possible.

Discussed below are five ways to make sure that your front lobby is kept in the best condition possible.

1. Pay special attention to areas of high traffic

Although all areas of the front lobby come in use sometime or the other, there are certain areas of the front lobby that are used more than the others, like the space in front of the front desk, bathrooms and areas in front of the offices and entrance doors.

While the entire front lobby requires a certain level of attention to detail, it is a good idea to pay extra attention to cleaning these areas, lest certain things get overlooked, like dirty mirrors in the bathroom, or footstains in front of the reception desk.

2. Place doormats

It is a good idea to consider using entrance mats around frequently used doorways. These mats are a lot easier to clean than the carpet, and can prevent dirt and dust buildup on your floors.

Also, placing doormats will not let the carpets on these heavily traffic areas to be worn out faster, and creates a more professional feel to the lobby.

3. Make sure the lobby sounds and smells good

It is important to appeal to multiple senses to set a lasting first impression. If your front lobby looks nice, but smells bad, it will still have negative connotations in the mind of visitors. This is also the case if the lobby is noisy.

There are various ways to make the lobby smell appealing, like using scents or potted plants. However, it is important to make sure that the scents used are subtle, because a lot of people are very sensitive to strong smells.

If the lobby and the general area are in an area where heavy amount of traffic passes through, consider slight soundproofing. Light instrumental background music is also a good idea. If the office is in a quieter locality, consider a small water fixture in the lobby. The sound of water relaxes people, and ultimately creates a pleasant experience for visitors and customers.

4. Dusting

Although dusting might seem overrated or unnecessary with the cleaning tools available today, it is still necessary. Dust can easily rest on various surfaces around the lobby, which can leave a poor first impression on customers.

So dust the areas of the front lobby, especially the areas might be overlooked, like window frames and the top of cabinets and tables.

5. Clean the windows

Cleaning the windows is a vital task for setting a good first impression. They allow the customer to see the inside of the lobby before even stepping inside. If they are dirty or smudged, a negative impression will already be set in the minds of potential customers.

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