How to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

Out of sight, out of mind is definitely convenient advice, but not the best one, especially when cleanliness is in question. Cleaning the premises is very important to maintain a sanitary and safe workspace, however there are some areas in the workspace that may be hard to reach or clean.

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5 Biggest IT Security Risks in Companies

Any company requires a certain amount of security for protection of employees, sensitive data, assets and information. However, no security is airtight, and there are always some areas of high risk that may compromise the security of the company.

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The 6 Dirtiest Areas in the Office

The office is a place that sees a lot of people coming and going. It is very important to keep offices clean for a variety of reasons, ranging from employee health concerns, to making a good impression on visitors and customers. Listed below are some of the areas in the office with the most concentration of germs.

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